Connecting Contact Forms

By setting up your contact forms and other conversion points in Mautic you can easily manage all submissions and track the visitors who are engaging with your content.

To get started:

  1. Go to Components > Forms in the left hand menu, and click ‘New’ in the screen that appears.
  2. Click ‘New Standalone Form’.
  3. On the next screen you can configure your form, start by giving it a name and selecting a submit action.
  4. In the ‘Fields’ tab add the data fields you want to capture in your form.
  5. Click the Edit icon to configure each field. You can edit every element of the form including labels, field mapping, validation, styling (using CSS attributes), and even progressive profiling.
  6. You can also configure the submit button at this stage using the Edit icon.
  7. Finally in the Actions tab you can automate actions that happen when a form is submitting, for example; add the contact to a specific segment, add them to a campaign, send an internal notification, and much more.
  8. Make sure Published is set to Yes and click Save & Close.
  9. To integrate the form into your website, click ‘Automatic’ where it says ‘Form HTML’ on the main screen of the form. This will display Javascript and HTML code options – use either one to embed the form in your chosen web page.

Repeat this process for every conversion point you want to create on your website.