Email Templates

Having your own branded email template for campaigns is an important step for getting up to speed with Mautic. There are a number of built-in templates in the software which you can use to get started, or use our blank template to create your own.

  1. Click here to download our blank template.
  2. Using a HTML editor, update the email.html.twig file with your preferred styles:
    • Header Background Color – Search for <table bgcolor=”#4e5d9d” and update the hex code with your preferred color.
    • Header Logo – Search for and update the image file and hyperlink to your logo and website.
    • Business Address – Search for Business Name and update the entire address to your own business address.
  3. You can also update the thumbnail.png file with a screenshot of your template to make it easy to find in the software.
  4. Save these files and compress the into a .zip file.
  5. In Mautic, go to Settings (gear icon), Themes. In the top right corner click ‘Choose File’, select the .zip from your computer, and click ‘Install’.

Now you can use this template when creating new emails in Mautic! In the Email Builder you can update the header logo, button styles, link color, and more for each individual email you create.

Once you have a branded template you love you can easily make variations using the ‘Clone’ option in the email builder.

If editing HTML sounds too complex, feel free to reach out to our team to assist.