Installing the Tracking Code

The tracking code can be installed on your website using the same method you used to install as Google Analytics. This may be something you can do yourself, or you may need to reach out to your webmaster.

  1. From your dashboard, click Settings in the top right of the screen (the gear icon), and then Configuration as seen in the image below:
  1. Click on ‘Tracking Settings’ on the left hand side to find your tracking code.
  2. Add the code to each page on your website, before the closing </body> tag. This can be added directly to your website, via a plugin, or a tag management solution. If you have Google Analytics on your site it may be easiest to use the same method for the tracking code. You may need to ask your webmaster for help with this installation if you are not familiar with Javascript.
  3. You can set also set the following options to ‘Yes’ to improve the accuracy of the tracking code; ‘Identify visitor by tracking URL’, ‘Identify visitor by device fingerprint’, and ‘Identify visitors by IP’.