Segments are groupings of contacts. They’re used to send emails, trigger campaigns, or for analysis. Contacts can be add or removed from segments in multiple ways. To create a new segment click on the the New button from within the segment section:

Once a new segment has been created you can add filtering rules to define what contacts will be part of that segment:

Adding contacts quickly

If you have contacts you would like to quickly add to Mautic manually, and they are not in the system as part of the normal workflow (for example by completing an enquiry form or having been imported) you can use the Quick Add Contact button to add them to the system.

You can of course also add them through the New Contact form and add much more detail, but for quick entry this is the easiest and fastest way to get the contact into the system.

Adding contacts normally

Note: Before you start adding contacts, you may need to add to capture all the information you require.

If you have contacts to import and you have time to add all the information, click on the dropdown arrow to the right of ‘Quick Add Contact’ and select ‘New’. This opens the new contact screen, where you can enter all the information you have about the contact. Use the tabs at the top to populate existing custom fields and social network profiles.

Using Segments with Campaigns

Inside a campaign, you can add contacts to or remove contacts from segments using the “Modify contact’s segment” action. In order to add contacts to a segment, you must have already created the segment and set it to Public Segment = Yes.

  1. Within the campaign builder, click on a connector
  2. Select “Action”
  3. From the drop-down list of actions, select “Modify contact’s segment”
  4. Choose from the list of existing segments that you want to add/remove your contact from
  5. Save and close


If you have a list outside of Mautic, for example in an Excel, Google, or Numbers sheet, you can upload that list directly into a Mautic segment.

Note: You’ll need to create your segment first

  1. Click into the Contact section of the platform
  2. Click on the drop-down arrow in the upper-right hand corner and select, “Import”
  3. Make sure your file is in a UTF-8 CSV format. Select your file then click “Upload”
  4. At the top of the next screen, you can select the segment you want to add the contacts into
  5. Map the appropriate fields from the file (Remember to always map the unique identifier, so you don’t create duplicates)
  6. Click Import

If your file is larger than 1,000 rows than the system will change screens and inform you once the file has uploaded.

Once the contacts have been uploaded, click over to the Segments section of the platform and see your contacts added.

Dynamic Segments

Contacts move into and out of dynamic segments automatically based on the filters applied to the segment. As updates happen to the data associated with the contact, including company associations and behaviors, Mautic updates segment membership accordingly.

Segment Options

For both static and dynamic segments, you’ll see a few additional options on the right side of the segment page.

Public Segment: This option determines if the segment is available for all users to see and use, or only the user who created the segment.

Available in Preference Center: If set to Yes, contacts will be able to see and opt into or out of the segment on a Preference Center page. The segments will only appear if the Preference Center contains the Segment List slot type.

Published: If set to no, the segment will not be available for use in filters for other segments, as a contact source in campaigns, modify segment actions, etc. While you’ll still see the segment in your segment list, it essentially won’t exist anywhere else in Mautic.

Viewing and Exporting Contacts in a Segment

To view or contacts in a specific segment, click the “View X contacts” button from your segment list. Or, in the Contacts section of Mautic, enter segment:segment-alias in the search bar.

Segment - View Contacts

Once that list of contacts is loaded, click the drop-down next to the Quick Add & Add New buttons and select export to download a .csv file with those contacts.