Sending Template Emails

  1. First create a new Template Email (from cloning an existing email or creating a new one). Click Channel -> Email -> New (or Clone existing). The easiest approach is to ‘Clone’ an existing email by clicking the drop-down arrow beside a previous email and click Clone.

2. When you create a new email or clone an existing one, you will get the following choice. Chose ‘New Template Email’.

3. Edit the email as you chose, giving it a unique name and changing the contents through the Builder. Once you’re happy with the changes click Apply and make sure it’s published (which it is by default if created from new).

4. Next, create a new campaign (left hand menu) and Launch the Campaign Builder (button on the top right of the Campaign editor)

5. First you’ll need to select your audience for the campaign. Select Segment and chose who you want to send the campaign to e.g. All Contacts.

6. Now you need to select the “Action” option, then select “Email” from the drop down options:

7. Finally configure your email. This will include naming it, setting when you want it to go out Immediate vs Specific date. Selecting what email to send (that you previously created). It will look like this:

Once you’re happy with the settings select Apply and Publish the Campaign. You’re all set. The email will be sent at the selected time and date to the segment you chose.