Sending Segment Emails

  1. First create a new Segment Email (from cloning an existing email or creating a new one). Click Channel -> Email -> New (or Clone existing). The easiest approach is to ‘Clone’ an existing email by clicking the drop-down arrow beside a previous email and click Clone.

2. When you create a new email or clone an existing one, you will get the following choice. Chose ‘New Segment Email’, the blue option on the right.

3. Edit the email details including Subject, Internal Name, Contact segment etc.

4. Click on the Builder icon on the top right to edit your email:

Then edit your email contents as you like e.g. change text, images etc. Remember to click Apply or Save and Close in the builder to ensure that your changes have been saved.

5. Finally, set Published to Yes and the Published at (date/time) field to a time in the future. It’s important that the date and time is in the future or else the email will not be able to be sent. It could be just 5 minutes in the future or several days or weeks.

That’s it. Once the time in the Published filed arrives it will start sending out emails.