B2B Marketing for Small Business

B2B marketing strategy is tough for small and medium sized businesses. With long sales cycles and usually lots of competition it is a tough ask to stand out from the crowd and attract new clients, while effectively managing the business and exceeding the expectations of current customers.

While this may seem daunting, there are a number of basic marketing strategies that can work effectively across all B2B companies. There are 2 key parts to this:

  1. driving qualified traffic to your website, and
  2. converting that traffic into qualified leads for your sales team.

Once you start driving qualified traffic to your site through organic search, paid, social and content marketing, marketing automation software can then do much of the work to nurture that traffic into qualified leads.

B2B Marketing Strategy for Small Business

While there is huge diversity in B2B businesses, the concepts and strategies below are broadly applicable and can form a strong foundation for your digital marketing efforts.

A focused content marketing strategy can help you to cut through the noise and get found online. Ranking organically for terms that your buyers are searching for will drive a huge amount of qualified traffic to your site – creating useful, interesting content will help you to rank.

This content can then be used to market to your audience via social and email channels (more on email down below). Social media marketing is not always a good strategy for B2B small businesses, but can work in certain circumstances – for example when you are a bona fide expert in a unique field and can grow a large dedicated following.

Finally SEM, or paid advertising / PPC, is a great way to quickly find the right audience and drive them to your website. This is much faster to get started with, but will also cost more in the long run compared to SEO. A balanced approach between SEO and SEM is usually advised.

Crucial to all activity is optimizing the path to conversion for your visitors, and maximizing the conversion rate. This forms part of marketing automation strategy which we go into more detail below.

Lead Nurturing and Marketing Automation for B2B

Email Campaigns

  • Targeted content drip
  • Upselling current customers
  • Reactivating churned or dormant business

Segmentation Strategy

Lead Magnets

Lead Scoring


Reporting & Tracking

Case Study: Digital Media Agency


Large offline rolodex, doing great work with big-name clients, but not promoting themselves online.

Our Solution

  • ContactSurge as CRM
  • Lead scoring and clarity over prospect lifecycle stages
  • Website tracking, form replacement, contact upload


Open Rate over 20%, tracking prospects online activity.

“ContactSurge has freed up hours of time that we previously spent on marketing – the software gives us the ability to manage our entire contact database, promote the content that we know they are interested in and reach out at just the right time.”

Timothy Gannon, CEO, BigWork